Otherwise know as Megamenus, our latest Joomla templates allow you to add a module directly in to a menu dropdown. This greatly extends how your main menu dropdown can be used and will give you endless possiblities in creating a dynamic and versatile menu navigation.

To better understand how this is achieved, modules are placed within the menu by loading a module position in place of a conventional menu item (Item Separator). To do so you can following these steps.

  1. Firstly navigate to the module you wish to place in your menu from your Module Manager (Extensions -> Modules). If you haven't yet created the module now is the time to do so.

  2. Within your module settings set your module position with the prefix menumod- followed by the name of your choice. An example might look like menumod-login. Note that the position field is editable. Once you click the position field, type the name of your module and hit enter. This will allow you to set the module position of your choice even when it doesn't yet exist. Once set hit Save & Close


  3. Navigate to the menu you have set in your template parameters to be displayed in your template header (Menus -> [YourMenu])


  4. Firstly create a menu item which will be the parent to your dropdown. This is the menu item which when hovered over will display your module. Hit New and select Text Separator in the Menu Item Type field. Add a title to your menu item (eg. Login) and hit Save & New


  5. Next we will create the menu item which will display your menu item. Hit New and select Text Separator in the Menu Item Type field. In the title field add the module position set for your module, the one prefixed by menumod- (eg. menumod-login). In the Parent Item field set the menu created in the previous step (eg. Login). Hit Save & Close and your done!


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