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  3. Tuesday, 23 May 2023
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Hi, while I'm working on our Webpage with the great Natalie Template some issues and Questions come up, Ihope you can help.

1. Natalie Template issues

- It seams that the Scroll-to-offset in the Template Setting has no effect. See as example the Page Datenschutzerklärung Link in the footer.

- The Header is not sticky in the Mobile Screen. In the Desktopscreen, also the Desktopscreen of the mobile it is.

- Behavior of the Menu Home Link when Home is not the active Webpage. E.g. the Verein Page ist the active page then the Verein link in the Header M#enu is in Hover Color and the others are in the Link Color. So for so ok, but if you move the mouse over the Home Link it changes to the Hover Color if the mouse leaf the Home it holds the Hover Color. If the mouse is over the Home Link again and leaves the Home Link changes back to the Link Color.

- I'm using Jommla Moduls with displayed Titles in the Bottom Modul Positions. The Title Charakters are cutted off as shown in the Modul Titel.jpg.

2. LayerSlideShow Modul

- When the Home Page loads or will refeshed all the sildes within the LayerSlideShow Modul will shown for a short moment.

- Is it possible to move the position of the Title and Caption? In the best case depending on the device display size.
- Is it also possible to change the Color of the Prev/Next Arrow?

3. ImageHover Gallery Modul

- Is there a possibilty to change the background color or to set it transparent? I'm using within in the modul Images with transparent background and rounded edges withnin the Modul the Edges show a light blue wing as shown it Sonsoren.jpg

Adminstration Access Data sent via e-mail to info@joomla51.com

Thanks a lot.
Regards Stefan
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  1. https://mashserver.net/entwicklung/fuerbauschheim/index.php
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Hi Cirian,
with this I'd like to bring my post from 2 week ago in mind.
Could you help me to fix the issues from the post?

Thanks in forward.
Regards Stefan
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