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  4. Thursday, 28 March 2024
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Once again I can't get any further. Switching your website from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 is harder than expected.

I would be grateful for any help. My problem this time:
I'm using J4 Natalie, version 1.1.7 January 2022. (the version in Joomla 3 worked very well).

I'm currently trying to set up the login for registered users.
Unfortunately, the presentation of the registration form is not like in Joomla 3 or in the demo of the J4 Natalie template.
I have attached 2 images as shown in the demo. and another 3 pictures of how the registration form is displayed for me.
One example is how the form appears/should appear when logging in and a second example is what it looks like when the message appears if the "Forgot password" button is clicked.

To me there seems to be a lack of elements - instead of appearing in a column it appears in a row.
The text for the login redirection is on the right, the text for the logout redirection does not appear at all!

Thanks for any advice

I. Popp
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Thank you for reporting this issue.

I have just created an update for this template which should resolve this issue for you. For details on updating your template may I suggest the following article.. https://joomla51.com/tutorials/joomla-basics/updating-your-joomla-template

If the issue persists after updating, may I suggest sending temporary administration access to your Joomla installation to info@joomla51.com and we will examine this issue further. For our reference please paste a link to this post in your email.

Note that as Joomla 4 is using Bootstrap 5, some UI differences will exist due to previous versions using Bootstrap 2.

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