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  3. Friday, 08 February 2019
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I'm wanting to use the new j51_news module, and it looks reasonably well now ( (still working on it)), but my main issue is the url structure. I'm wanting to use the newer Joomla configuration setting for removing the url ids in the global settings, and doing that makes things really strange with this module (see below) . I'd really like to have it so its like a regular blog. Normally, I setup a menu item, set it to be category blog, then select the blog to show, and the structure is nice. How do I set things up to function correctly with the new J51 news module?

This is how i've got the module setup. it's loadpositioned currently in the article "Press"

If you need to login and take a look, let me know.
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I think I figured this out. modified the menu item, and a few other things. :)
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