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  4. Thursday, 27 October 2022
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This is the second template I buy, the last had the same issue, there is a non usefull function to be improved: the font dropdown menu. Previously I made some websites with another developer and there was a little image near the font list to choose from. In that way if you select the dropdown list you can see a sort of preview. But there is not utility if you have to go to Google fonts because the list is not the same!!!! I do a reopen page o a reload page to check the result for every font!!! Can you create a more usefull list? Please? It is easy: create an excell font list as a screeshoot and then publish as a tutorial. I need to see the result to choose.
Otherwise please tell me where is the code where is the list of the fonts available and I do by myself. I need the list offline, after that I create by myself a list to check out of the admin panel.
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according to the tutorial:
The list of Google fonts available for your templates are stored in your templates googlefonts.php. You will find this file located at ../templates/j51_yourtemplate/elements/googlefonts.php from the root of your Joomla installation.
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