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Hello Ciaran,
On my testwebsite I try to get the same as on your example template.
In module postition Top-2a you have a module "Homepage - Blank Space (top-2a)". This module is empty.
The background-image (that is parallax) is set in the template options General -> Modules Component Styling for Top-2 Background Image.
On my testwebsite I've used the same settings but as you can see the image that is in the background is as large as the whole Top-2 positions together, where your background image only covers the first Top-2a module position.
What am I missing?
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You have 2 options here.

1. Your current setup however for the demo the image was edited to be align left/right within the entire image (eg. https://www.joomla51.com/demo/0161/images/top-2-bg.jpg).

2. The second option is not ideal in that you will not have a parallax effect. The background can be set using the Module Style Overrides option in your template settings, applied to your 'blank' module position.

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Hello Ciaran,

Oké thanks!
I will see what my client likes best :-)

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