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  4. Sunday, 12 December 2021
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I have two questions about the Jnews extension.

When I make a link in the text before the <hr id="system-readmore" /> this link is not displayed in the website. How can I display the link?

Is it possible to split the read more button into 2 different buttons with each another different link?

Thanks for helping.
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

You will need to create an override for your module and bypass the function removing HTML from your article text. If you are not familiar with overrides, may I suggest sending temporary administration access to your Joomla installation to info@joomla51.com and we will create the override for you. For our reference please paste a link to this post in your email.

Sorry to say at present there is no option to add 2 read more buttons to each item.

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