Joomla 4 Template Update Timeline

on Tuesday, 09 August 2022. Posted in Blog

We are currently busy updating our templates for Joomla 4 with a new update hitting the shelves every week. Although a continuous process, we would like to iterate that we are fully committed to updating all templates currently in our template catalogue to Joomla 4. Following is a list of our templates with details of the approximate due date for the Joomla 4 version if not already available.

Please note that if you are already subscribed to the Joomla 3 version of a template, you will need to make a separate purchase for the Joomla 4 version. Considering the lifetime nature of our template subscriptions and that Joomla 4 requires a complete re-write of the template, it would be in no way feasible for us to offer this update free of charge. We are happy to say that for users of the Joomla 3 version of a template who wish to update a Joomla 4, we have created a coupon which offers a 50% discount. This coupon can be applied on checkout of the Joomla 4 template and will be emailed to you via our newsletter once the template becomes available.


Template Status Upgrade Coupon
Nina Released J4NINA3843
Emani Released J4EMANI2711
Layla Released J4LAYLA1321
Riley Released J4RILEY9084
Natalie Released J4NATALIE3254
Skylar Released J4SKYLAR2932 
Ensley Released J4ENSLEY3214
Bianca Released J4BIANCA1325
Novah Released J4NOVAH8846
Jasmine Released J4JASMINE0823
Stella Released J4STELLA8734
Carmen Released J4CARMEN9432
Everly Released J4EVERLY0343
Ariana Released J4ARIANA9843
Naomi Released J4NAOMI3442
Chloe Released J4CHLOE7593
Robyn Released J4ROBYN8943
Hayley Released J4HAYLEY4290
Sophia Released J4SOPHIA8414
Amelia Released J4AMELIA1254
Juliet Released J4JULIET9423
Kaylee Released J4KAYLEE4632
Renita Released J4RENITA9432
Kinvara Released J4KINVARA4398
Colette Released J4COLETTE8887
Maya Released J4MAYA9242 
Grace Released J4GRACE9174 
Magnolia Released J4MAGNOLIA8432
Harmony Released J4HARMONY3043
Verona Released J4VERONA7309
Kodaline Released J4KODALINE6903
London Released J4LONDON0932
Hannah Released J4HANNAH4102
Elvira Released J4ELVIRA7982
Valencia Released J4VALENCIA5092
Serenity Released J4SERENITY7231
Chelsea Released J4CHELSEA0917
Scarlett Released J4SCARLETT0234
Trinity Released J4TRINITY9801
Willow Released J4WILLOW9831
Caitlin Released J4CAITLIN4092
Nadia Released J4NADIA8113
Beaumont Released J4BEAUMONT8729
Ashley Released J4ASHLEY8090
Fedora Released J4FEDORA7710
Artisan Released J4ARTISAN4990
Creative Released J4CREATIVE0912
Resolve Released J4REVOLVE2209
Madison Released J4MADISON7102
Florence Released J4FLORENCE0980
Vitality Released J4VITALITY5502
Enterprise Released J4ENTERPRISE3091
Boutique Released J4BOUTIQUE2431
Stockholm Released J4STOCKHOLM8860
Alexis Released J4ALEXIS4091
Central Released J4CENTRAL6789
Boss Released J4BOSS5093
Journal Released J4JOURNAL9242
Enlighten Released J4ENLIGHTEN0912
Lifestyle Released J4LIFESTYLE8971
Habitat Released J4HABITAT7920
Grafik Released J4GRAFIK9917
Cashmere Released J4CASHMERE4890
Virtuoso Released J4VIRTUOSO7719
Calibra Released J4CALIBRA5092
Renovate Pending  
Kindle Pending  
Letterpress Pending  
Privilege Pending  
Resonate Pending  
Morpheus Pending  
Nocturne Pending  


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